Email: January 26, 2004

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First, off lets thank Lee for hosting the meeting many thanks...

Second, thanks to Pat for coming up with the meeting notes for this past meeting... They were posted today.

Also, the site ( and images have been updated to reflect the current spaces claimed.

If you haven't staked your claim please do so soon...

Also take a look at the latest meeting notes from January 24, 2004 on our website to read about ideas we have for the contest and make your voice hear if you have any better ideas.

TexLUG-SA: I have 5 sets of 7831 which we can use for the timed creative build contests. I did have 14 at one point and most of the pieces are in my parts box (I think)... .

Also, the string idea I had was from the new sets 4090 & 4094.

Hope to hear from & see you all soon!