What is TexLUG-SA?

TexLUG is short for Texas LEGO User Group. SA is short for the San Antonio chapter. In a nutshell, we’re a loose-knit group of folks living in and around San Antonio, Texas bound together by a single trait: our love of the LEGO building brick. Many of us are adults who simply never lost sight of this facet of our childhood. Others are adults who have rediscovered the fun they had playing and building with LEGO. And a few are still in their childhood, discovering new ways to further their enjoyment of LEGO while sharing a surprisingly sophisticated level of building ideas of their own. We welcome LEGO enthusiasts of all ages. Anyone under 18 must have an adult present at ALL times.


There are a number of different answers to this question, but perhaps most prominent is that LEGO represents, for us, the ultimate in expression through creation. Thus far, we have discovered little, if anything, that cannot be accurately depicted through LEGO bricks.

What does TexLUG-SA do?

The San Antonio chapter of TexLUG does about 14 to 54 events and meetings a year. We work with local groups that need a unique kid friendly activity. We provide conventions and venues a one of a kind display and/or play area for kids of all ages. We can help with large projects if given enough advanced notice. We have worked with museums and events to help provide an educational based play environment. We help corporations with events and have built company logos as time permits. We like to spend weekends setting up massive displays of LEGO organized around a specific, generalized theme (science fiction, castles and fantasy, town and city, etc.). When we are not engaging with the public we show off our individual creations, trade pieces with one another, hold contests of various types, exchange ideas, and circulate news on our favorite hobby. Our current goal is to gradually involve the public more and more in these activities.

Where can I go for more information?

If you are interested in the statewide group we suggest you visit the main website: http://www.texlug.org for a comprehensive look at our group. If you are interested in attending an event and seeing what we do here in San Antonio we recommend checking out our Facebook or Twitter feeds find out where we will be next. If you want to become a member it’s pretty simple just show up at events and meetings. If you need additional information or have additional questions please feel free to use our contact information to get a hold of us.


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