Frequently Asked Questions

What does TexLUG stand for?

Texas LEGO User Group

What is an AFOL?

Adult Fan of LEGO

I have an event and would like your group to attend, how do I reach you?

Take a look at our Contact Information page. Please note our club operates without any budget. All associated costs, travel accommodations, gas, and misc. expenses come out of our own pockets. Any help you can provide as in donations for space at your event will increase the likely hood of our ability to attend. If you have a budget and would like to pay for our travel accommodations and gas it would be greatly appreciated.

How do I become a member?

Just start showing up to meetings and events. There are no dues, anyone, and all ages are welcome to join. We do ask that people under the age of 18 be accompanied by an adult.

What do you do at meetings/events/displays?

This varies from meeting to meeting. Some meetings we bring our “My Own Creations” (MOCs) and do a show and tell. Others have included planning meeting for larger displays or events. We are currently focusing on activity based meetings where we build and discuss. All in all we just share a common interest for the brick and we generally talk or do activities involving LEGO. Display and events are a little different. These are usually scheduled in advance by people who would like our help in the community. We have for the past several years done a display at the Healthy Baby and Child expo where over 8000 people saw our 20’ x 10’ display. We had a museum exhibit in the Institute of Texan Cultures. So as you have read it varies quite a bit.</p>

Why are you called the San Antonio chapter?

Since Texas is such a large state it makes it kind of hard to travel for regular monthly meetings. We decided to split the state into different chapters making it easier for member to create their own groups in the cities where they live. The statewide group TexLUG meets twice a year (spring and fall) inviting everyone in the state to come. These statewide meetings are usually hosted by one of the chapters. San Antonio has for the past three years hosted a spring meeting.

There are currently 4 chapters in Texas: Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

How often does the San Antonio Chapter meet?

TexLUG - San Antonio Chapter holds meetings and events about once a month. The location is determined by whomever would like to host the meeting. Please see the blog main page for updated locations and if we are having a meeting that month.

What else can I do to help grow TexLUG-SA?

If you have a meeting space you would like to donate for meetings please contact us. We are currently looking for spaces to meet more often and regularly. Businesses interested in promoting their business should contact us as we are looking at corporate sponsors.