MOC LEGO and Apple Store

19 Nov 2008 - {"display_name"=>"Chris", "login"=>"crmacd", "email"=>"", "url"=>""}

So due to recent media attention I've gone ahead and uploaded the photos of the LEGO and Apple Store MOC I made for Maker Faire Austin 2008. I also uploaded the models to LEGO Factory so you can check out the instructions and build your own. Look for the computer store and the brick store models.

Update: A few people have noticed that the leaf on the top of the MOC is in the wrong direction for most of the photo's. It fell off during transport to the show and was just placed back on in a hurry for the show. Someone also noted that it was a good nod to the logo no longer being used by Apple. \ = past / = future. I kind of like that thought.