June 10, 2004

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Email From San Antonio Children's Museum
I saw the article in the Express News a few weeks ago about your TexLug group. It's the first time I'd heard about it, but I think it sounds very fun; a great release for adults.

I work at the S.A. Children's Museum (located in Downtown San Antonio), and I am interested to know if your group would coordinate a kids' project at the Children's Museum on Thursday, June 10 between 5:30-7:00 p.m. for our "Contraptions A to Z" Exhibit Preview Party for our members & donors. It's a perfect match and I think would be very fun for your members, as well as our guests. We're expecting 100-120 people (kids & adults) and we want to provide a fun learning activity for kids where they can build (and design if they're old enough) their own contraption, and I thought you could do this with Legos (there's even a book about Lego Contraptions I saw online).

The "Contraptions A to Z" exhibit is made up of 26 inventive devices (one for every letter of the alphabet) for kids (and adults) to interact with, while also learning about the mechanics and amazement of how things work. It opens to the public on June 11 and will be at the Museum through Sept. 12. We could display one of your Lego Contraption Creations in our front
window on Houston Street with signage about your organization, if you wish. I could list you as a sponsor of the Preview Party, as well (and your members and their families would be invited to attend, as well).

Thank you for your time. I would be happy to get you more information about the Preview Party and/or the Exhibit if needed.

Email: Meeting Notes

Greetings, local TexLUG folks.

First off, allow me to welcome John Kornhaus to the SA/New Braunfels Chapter of TexLUG. John joins us from the heavy-hitter WAMALUG (Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area LEGO Users Group). By coincidence, Brickfest 2004
will be held in nearby Arlington, VA, August 13-15. We ran into John at the Children's Museum (see below) and
he brought along his nice family. Talk about mutual euphoria; the man said he'd been looking for US for weeks.

I shouldn't say this, but... >:-} (eat your heart out, Houston, Austin, etc. WE have a former WAMALUG member in our midst now. Ha!)

Also, Wayne Murray honored us with his presence at the Children's Museum as did Travis Scott (along with Mom
and siblings). I expect Troy was working.

We recently added a new display to the San Antonio Children's Museum. Chris is due 100% credit for the
controversial idea of getting together a modular, perpetually-running marble machine. Only now can I
admit to my skeptism; I am amazed we actually got the thing running. The Children's Museum folks were so
impressed that they allowed us to put it in the front window right there on Houston street.

To my disappointment, I returned there on the weekend following that Thursday to show off our creation to a
group of friends. Alas, the marble machine was not running and the weekend staff confessed that they had
no key to access the window display so that it might be turned on!! Major bummer!

Just had to get set #4483 (Imperial AT-AT) and it was worth it. The gray pieces are right up the alley of a
space fanatic, and it stands up nice and sturdy. One minor complaint: the head is the last major assembly
to go on the model (if you follow the directions in order). Yet it is the most rickety, finicky assemblage
of parts and at the same time the most difficult to attach to the rest of the model; several times did it
come apart while in the process.

When is the next meeting??!! I've got baseplates I need to give to Lee! A Bionicle wall-hanger to give to
Travis! We've got Austin's Fall meeting to discuss as well. We should meet very soon, IMHO.

- Pat