May 8, 2004

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Meeting Information
WARNING: The Surgeon General has determined that long-winded emails can loosen your molars, shorten your lifestyle, lengthen your fingernails, and generally make you unpleasant. If you experience any of these warning signs while reading the following, my advice would be to stop.

Greetings and Hallucinations,

At the telephone request of Chris Macdougald, who is himself recovering at home from recent hospitalization, I am sending out the notice for the May TexLUG-SA meeting.
The May meeting for the San Antonio chapter of TexLUG will take place at my place. That is, here...

This month will feature ORIGINAL LEGO trains. That's right...the kind with the blue plastic rails that was a real hit back in the early 70's. I haven't got a great deal of track (straight only), but I just got hold of a working engine and wheels to boot. So there will be a display of sorts on the coffee table.

Other stuff to look at/mess around with...

- Set 7047 (World City Coast Watch HQ). Lots of good yellow elements and new uses for old elements.

- Set 7045 (World City Hovercraft Hideout). See above, except substitute "blue" for "yellow".

- One of our newest members (in addition to Mr. Wayne Murray) is Mr. Joe Casas, who happens to be my roommate. He just bought his first three sets - 4099,4105, 4107. His passion appears to be robots and mechs. And I gave him a green 32 x 32 baseplate...youknow, the one that truly seems to grow on trees. (Wayne, I don't know if you are on the TEXLUG-SA mailing list yet, so apologies if you received this twice).

- A copy of the United States patent for LEGO filed by Godtfred Kirk Christiansen on January 28, 1958 and granted on October 24, 1961. A must see!

I am into inventory right now and it is too late to turn back. So have a laugh at my expense while you're here. I have recently discovered Peeron and the LUGNET PartsRef and have made extensive use of these resources. I am going to send them some cash when all this is over. That could take years, however.

As some of you know, I am very heavy into LEGO Space. So why World City? Simple...for the same reason as getting a Harry Potter or Spiderman 2 set; for specific pieces. For the application that certain elements have in a large spaceship MOC. But you knew that.

Bring yourself, something non-alcoholic to drink if you like, your LEGO, your MOCs, and anything else you can fit into the backseat of a foreign car to my place on Saturday, May 8, 2004 at 2PM (1400) CST. If any of you out-of-towners are in San Antonio, then, please stop by and have a gander.