January 24, 2004

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The following was taken from an email to the TexLUG mailing list.

I decided to go ahead and sum up our meeting for Chris. The man did almost everything else! Except Lee did pick a great place to meet for this month (Fuddrucker's, which I tend to pronounce differently); a grand idea, sir.

The weather here has been pretty grim; cold winds, gray overcast, and sporadic rains. But this did not prevent most of the San Antonio crew from attending the mini-meet.

Attending this meeting of Saturday, January 24, 2004, were Lee, Mark, Chris, my roommate Joe (unofficial capacity only), our newest member, Travis Scott, representing also his father, Troy Scott, and myself. The Scotts are heavily into Bionicle, incidentally.

The meeting got underway fairly smoothly despite both mine and Chris' individual traffic hitches. Lee opened the proceedings with some complimentary chili-cheese fries (you villian :) ) and showing us a boat composed of Oriental Expedition elements. I should have paid more attention as I did not gather whether it was a set or a MOC. It had quite a number of elements I don't have, however.

Chris, in the meantime, dropped all of our jaws with the MOC he plans to debut at the next big TexLUG meet in March. Yes, a MOC from Chris, he who only collects sets! I won't spoil everything by offering further detail.

THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM, as I see it, is where are we going to host the next big TexLUG meet. My efforts regarding this have been ongoing but unrewarding, since the lowest price tag wanted for the space we require (which isn't all that much) is $300 per day (and I encountered much higher prices). Chris and I agreed that the maximum we could probably afford was $150 per day. I am going to try my local community center here in Windcrest and some lower priced hotels like Holiday Inn on IH-35 near Fort Sam Houston next. I am also going to use my membership in the UTSA Alumni Association to try to get us a space there for the March weekend. Chris is continuing the pressure on Northwest Vista University to host our event.

Incidentally, congratulations to Chris. He begins a new and more prosperous job on Monday, January 26th.

THE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT ITEM is the contests we are going to hold. Realizing of course that the majority of these contests really depend on the amount of public involvement that takes place, we came up with the following:

THE FINAL ITEM is the layout for the main MOC display. Chris provided color sheets of the current layout, which also detailed where everyone who thus far had contacted Chris had staked their claims. These folks are, thus far: Lee, TJ, Mark, and myself, with Chris making a serious effort to cover with his sets the unclaimed areas at the time of display. Travis Scott's MOC depends on my own, so I will try to bring it to the February TexLUG-SA meeting for that purpose.

Thus far, the following have more or less staked out their territory on the big layout:

We would love to hear from Laura Hayden, Anthony Sava, Tim Rueger, and anyone else seriously contemplating showing up in San Antonio this March of 2004.

No photos taken at this event. :-(