Important Update to Set-Up Post of February 19, 2007

21 Feb 2007 - {"display_name"=>"houghpt", "login"=>"houghpt", "email"=>"", "url"=>""}

I called Tricia to get information on admission for the general public, and it's a good thing I did!!


WE WILL NOT be offloading, unloading, etc. our stuff on the South Alamo Street (west) side of the convention center!

Tricia tells me that we will be performing this task on the South Bowie Street (east) side of the convention center...where, I am not exactly sure. A glance at the Google Maps hybrid view of the convention center shows two distinct areas at which a lot of vehicles could park. So the best I can tell you is to exit Commerce Street as planned from IH-37 (not IH-35) South, turn right (west) onto East Commerce, then turn left (south) onto South Bowie Street. When you get to the Convention Center after crossing over East Market Street, look for the long line of vehicles. Hey, at least you won't have to do a U-turn to get to the loading area.

Tricia also informs me that unloading time is more like 1PM to 6PM, maybe 7PM-ish, but certainly not 9PM! So please bear this in mind.

FYI, general admission for adults is $5.00 and free for anyone under 18. I only mention this because I cannot find it anywhere on the Baptist Health website or any other site detailing the HBCE.