TexLUG Fall Meeting - Public Event

05 Oct 2006 - {"display_name"=>"houghpt", "login"=>"houghpt", "email"=>"", "url"=>""}

So the statewide group is meeting October 7-8th, 2006.

Public times are 10-5 and 1-5 respectively.

Clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch
16616 Diana Lane
Houston, TX 77062
Come on down and check it out.

AFOLs We'll be using the CCC/Marketplace and Moonbase standards for this build. Please try to bring at least one of each type. Also, please try and bring a CCC (straight preferred) wall section with a castle theme on one side and space on the other. Please see the links under building standards for details.

There will be space for other mocs but if you have something big please let me know by next week September 13.